Melaka World Authentic & Safe Food Destination

Melaka Safe Food Hub

Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia has developed a range of policies, certification schemes and activities that focus on all stakeholders along the food chain to ensure production of safe food.

Thus, Melaka as Safe Food Hub is an initiative project with a vision to make Melaka as Safe Food Hub for food industries. Through this project, synergy between inter-agencies helps in guides and monitoring the food processing premises involve to ensure the production of safe and quality products that comply with domestic and international standard.

Besides that, there are several certification schemes provided such as MeSTI, GMP and HACCP. These schemes assist the food industry to fulfill all food safety and quality aspect which lead Melaka as Safe Food Hub. Overall the food industries will be participate in the activity which planned for them for support the Hub activities.

Our Plan
  • Food safety monitoring.
  • Study and survey which benefits the food industries
  • Labelling advisory
  • Establish a reference hazard for different categories of food products
  • Industrial Food safety promotion and educational
  • Dialog, seminar and workshop 
  • Safe Food Expo



Certification Scheme of  "Safe Food Industry Responsibility" (Makanan Selamat Tanggungjawab Industri, MeSTI) is a scheme which rebranded to replace the 1Malaysia Food Safety Scheme  (SK1M). MeSTI is a result of improvements from SK1M to facilitate food enterprise, especially the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to meet the requirements of the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009.

  • Meet the requirements of Food Hygiene Regulations 2009
  • Facilitate the issuance of Free Sale Certificate.
  • Improve marketability of product in supermarket.
  • Food Labelling check
  • Assist Small and Medium Enterprises to involve in development programme by SME Corporation.
  • Free MeSTI logo sticker for industry with first-time certification.


GMP Certification Scheme

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a universal control of the environment, premises, specifications of raw material and food production process. Generally, food premises certified with GMP will comply with Food Act 1983 as well as the regulations. This recognition may helps in controlling food contamination cases. Besides that, GMP is a pre-requisite programme to HACCP. It acts as an integral part of the HACCP system and the foundation for the effective HACCP system.



HACCP Certification Schemes

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a distinct food safety assurance system that ensure the food products produced is free from any hazards. This science-based monitoring system is vital in identifying and controlling chemical, physical and biological hazards which are significant for food safety at different points in the food production process.

  • Enhance food safety and improve marketability for those food produce from certified food premise
  • Promote the acceptance of products, both in Malaysia and overseas.
  • Fulfill requirements on food safety including the application for Approval Number for exportation of fish and fishery products to European Union
  • Facilitate the issuance of Health Certificate and Free Sale Certificate.